I have retired as of June, 2023

Medical record requests may be sent to: evalmd@yahoo.com

I want to thank everybody for the honor and privilege of being your doctor over the last decades.

Thank you, Santa Fe.

Life-Enhancing Mental Health Treatment and Detailed Psychiatric Evaluation

Help a friend or family member who's going through a difficult situation with John Evaldson MD in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I offer a broad-spectrum of mental health treatment and psychiatric evaluation.

I provide all the service and schedule initial appointments myself during an initial phone call. I stay very busy, but am usually able to see a new patient within three to seven working days. I cover my own call except when I am out of town. I am doing a tele-psychiatry pratice, usually on facetime, doxy.me an android app, by phone call, or occasionally zoom.

My evaluations usually take two occasionally three or more sessions depending on complexity and depth of evaluation desired. I use these sessions to get an accurate and shared view of the problems presented. There is time spent to rule in and rule out ancillary problems. Careful diagnosis and formulation is important. Part of those sessions is to give back information to jointly develop a treatment plan so that patients can give informed consent. It is helpful if new patients bring in a page of pertinent current or past history. I can review records from prior evaluations and treatment if provided beforehand. I use checklists to confirm history. I do laboratory and genetic testing when indicated.

Payment Options
I have had the privilege of doing more in-depth and comprehensive work by not accepting payment from third party payers. Some of my patients submit their statements to their insurance to seek reimbursement. People pay me at the time of service. For established patients, end of the month billing is available.

My treatments are in 50- or 25-minute meetings as often as twice a week or as little as twice a year (minimum). Most commonly the sessions are weekly, or every month or three depending on the treatment provided.

Contact me in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for recommended mental health treatment and psychiatric evaluation.